Billi Bardot’s One-Woman Boob Cruise

Billi Bardot's One-Woman Boob Cruise

Super-slim and stacked (41-26-38) and super-busty (34M-cups), Billi Bardot sails on her own one-woman boob cruise, putting on a hawt flaunt and attracting curious boaters.

Billi is a super-mom, porn star and a sexy model. But this babe doesn’t wear taut, short dresses and sexy clothes to unveil off her rack all of the time. “It depends on where I am going and who I’m with,” Billi said. “If I am with my children, absolutely not. If I am with allies and it would not be inappropriate to do so, then of course. I like my love muffins! I usually don’t if I am in a relationship coz almost all of the bucks I have been involved with, are far likewise insecure and jealous. If I wanna emphasize my scoops, I’ll wear super-low cut tops, reservoir tops, or anything that is form-fitting.”

Billi is a controlling dominant-bitch so…

“I wish to be dominated. I am an greatly type-A, controlling person in my personal life and I have yet to detect a charmer who could indeed dominate me at all, much less in the bedroom. So, that is always my dream. I think my monumental fetish would be a Lothario who does exactly what this lady-killer says that chap will and who is exactly who he says he is. Detect me that and it’ll be my much loved fetish.”

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