Bitchin’ Whippin’

Bitchin' Whippin'

We did a poll about fetish themes such as Latex outfits, servitude and beauties dominating lads. Thirty percent of you wanted to see them, 41% didn’t wanna see ’em and 29% were indifferent. Slone Ryder talked with a V-mag editor about her background as a nightclub dancer, and that inspired this pictorial of the Southern belle brunette hair as a big-boobed, whip-wielding meanie. There’s some other word for this: marriage! “I do role playing and really make it a spectacle instead of just the admirable mature bump and grind,” Slone said. “I’ll do a dominatrix show with whips and chains, and I’ve thong buckles that are all buckled up. I have done a bondage flaunt with some other girl, and I duct-taped her hands and feet jointly and wrapped a chain around her and dragged her out onto the stage. It’s all simulated, of course. I’d not ever really hurt anyone, but the audience was shocked at 1st and then gave me a standing ovation at the end.”

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