Meet Bri Like

Meet Bri Love

Meet Bri Like. She’ll knock your fuckin’ socks right off. Bri measures an extraordinary 53-40-50 with a 43″ underbust. That babe shoehorns her humongous meatballs into 40DDD-cup bras.

Bri is solely 19 years aged. So new, so youthful. She saw the XLGirls site and read about our never-ending model search. “I’m for that,” Bri thought and contacted our studio. We appreciate that that babe liked what she saw and contacted us.

“I always wear constricted shirts and shorts with jeggings and sometimes boots,” says Bri who is a total girl-next-door and to say that that babe gets tons of attention from boyz is the understatement of the year. “I always wear a brassiere, even in daybed. I must receive fitted most of the time. It is rock hard to get them off the rack.”

After u feed your need for immense love melons and a new, fresh fascinating heart, play Bri’s 1st video and feed the need even more!

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