Bouncy Bosoms

Bouncy Breasts

Bunny de la Cruz was in and without adult act quickly. That was surprising ‘cuz everyone predicted a lengthy career could be hers. This babe hasn’t been heard from since this babe left porn.

34JJ-cupper Bunny was recent when she began shooting at The SCORE Group.

“I’m kind of surprised that there’s not lots of rude people here,” Bunny said to one of the TSG editors. “I’ve done some other modeling and almost all places I’ve been to, the makeup artists and other people are kind of rude, but everybody here has been very nice. I’m enjoying being here very much. The photographers and all the studio people are very amiable.”

Big busted Bunny got into adult clips though a familiar route: dancing. You don’t see many exotic dancers with such big natural knockers.

“I’m an gogo dancer near my home. I dance at a not many different places coz I acquire bored marvelous easily. You see the same people all the time, so I like to move around some and acquire some multiformity. I like the dancing part, but I also loathe clothes, so being naked is a wonderful thing for me. I had a Voluptuous mag at home. I saw an ad there and answered it.”

Bunny had a tattoo placed in a very strategic area. When her bottoms come off, you can not miss it.

“I think my vagina looks nice-looking when it’s bald, and I have a tattoo there. It is a rainbow and above it, it says ‘taste the rainbow.’ The tattoo artist was even more uncomfortable than I was, I think, because the entire time I was telling him how much I detested him. That shit hurt, u know? The fact that I was screaming in ache kind of took away from the experience for him. This man told he didn’t adore beauties to screech and cry on his table, but I could not aid it.

“I had to go back 3 times to acquire it totally finished. It took Fourty minutes to an hour each time. It was awful, but it’s something that I wanted. It is different and no one else has it. Everybody always remembers it. As far as shaving, I suppose it looks and feels very clean to have my cookie hairless. I have by no means really had hair down there, at least not since I’ve been sexually active. I’ve bald it for years, so I’ve no idea how it feels to have hair down there.”

Why Bunny left porn, and so quickly, is unknown to us. Maybe it was a case of been there, done that. She’s missed!

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