Calling Nurse Terri Jane To Emergency Ward K

Calling Nurse Terri Jane To Emergency Ward K

“I’ll wager you are wanton right now,” head nurse Terri Jane announces.

Who isn’t amorous when nurse Terri is making her rounds in Emergency Ward K?

“I’m so turned on, love a little naughty nurse. Do you adore my body, dudes? Would you adore me to come and examine u? I would give you a priceless spanking. I’d be your personal little naughty nurse.”

As pretty soon as Terri says those magic words “It’s getting hawt in here,” you know with out a doubt that all those health insurance payments you have been making into the system are worth it.

There’re some nurses who can not keep their uniforms on. Unfortunately, they are very rigid to identify, and nurses with spectacular figures are even harder to detect.

It was a blessed day when Terri decided to come into nurse training academy and teaching hospital. The problem is, she’ll put more lads into the hospital than discharge ’em. Nurse Terri, what do u think of prostate exams?

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