Casca Akashova: Swim dress & Baby oil At Poolside

Casca Akashova: Swim dress & Greasy oil At Poolside

Casca Akashova has the bod for swim costume busting and that babe flaunts why previous to she takes off the bikini and coats herself with lots of greasy oil at poolside.

Casca said that she came across SCORELAND through word of throat and emailed for information. She enjoys being photographed, isn’t coy about showing her skinny and stacked body and wanted to watch what a SCORE shoot was like first-hand. Casca looks very comfortable doing this swimsuit and oiling episode.

“I suit to emphasize my knockers at times. It is pleasing. They have a mind of their own. I love to wear fitted crop-tops or silk blouses unbuttoned. I don’t love to wear bras. I’ve to purchase mine online or buy custom-made bras.”

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