Two Loads For A Big-Boobed Cougar

Two Loads For A Big-Boobed Cougar

Cassidy Exe is a short (4’11”) and stacked D-cup divorcee. She’s been married 3 times, has kids and one of her ex-husbands is a rock musician. She wrote a fitness book and was a fitness coach.

“I have done anything I ever fantasized about. I’ve attempted anything I wanted to try,” told Cassidy. “I’ve been with beauties, drilled a darksome lad and had trios.”

“I have a tiny butthole and a actually big clitoris,” says Cassidy. They do not come (and cum) any more open and direct than our Cassidy. “When I masturbate, I rub my love button on a pillow and sometimes I stick something in my ass at the same time.” Cassidy has a very impure, obscene face hole and you will hear it loud and clear in this greatly nasty and carnal scene. The very meaning of porn.

“Out of the house, I am usually dressed in hot hipster jeans, little, little tops and high heels. I adore showing my body and being admired. I have disciplined hard to stay in shape.”

Those two men have a party in Cassidy’s face hole, slit and chocolate hole. Cassidy is a screamer and this babe is loud. Love she said, she has a very constricted chocolate hole and cum-hole. By the end of their three-way, Cassidy’s face is dripping with thick loads of cum and this babe urges more!

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