Big Knockin’ Jugs

Big Knockin' Jugs

Charlie Cooper is very contented of her big mangos and rightfully so. They are spectacular. The rest of her is equally spectacular. This is a superstar-level sweetheart who is still in the “Top Rated” section of XL Gals. A much loved go-to beauty for many, Charlie was urged and begged to pose by former boyfriends who read XL Cuties and by other lads. It took some time.

Said Charlie, “I have large whoppers, and people have been telling me forever that I’d be indeed worthy doing undressed modeling ‘cuz of my huge pointer sisters. I’ve even had some boyfriends in the past who read your magazines and wanted to send my pics in, but I always told them no. And lastly my agent came to me with this offer, and I wanted to think about it. Then I did not work with him anymore, but u boys tracked me down. And I figured I’m not getting any younger so I might as well do it now.”

When Charlie 1st came to XL Cuties, this babe did some solos. Two weeks later, that babe returned and did her 1st hardcore scenes.

“I do not actually care about a guy’s wang size also much, as long as it is a decent size. I dated this one smooth operator who probably had the giant rod I had ever watched, and he just did not know what to do with it. And it is like this petticoat chaser had so much potential.” Charlies’ shag buddy here is Largo and his wang served her well in this pair-off.

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