Chocolate & Vanilla

Chocolate & Vanilla

“Chaz has the gigantic breasts I have ever felt in my life,” told Hannah Callow. “She was very pleasant and I enjoyed each second with her.” This is the uncommon and unconventional pairing of two absolutely different TSG Girls from the United Realm.

Hannah Callow was a able adult entertainer from Manchester, UK who initially debuted at SCORE in 1999. That babe got a boob job and became a hardcore porno star (SCORE Xtra 8 and Topmost Julia Miles in a lezzie scene with Julia). Hannah periodically dropped out of sight and would return with different-colored hair. Hannah was always reinventing herself but adore almost any British glamour models, this babe used her real name.

Chaz worked in an office and modeled part-time. She took the bus to work and modeled at SCORE‘s London studio on weekends or days off. A quiet angel, Chaz was invited to USA for On Location Key Largo, discharged in Florida. Her co-stars in the film were Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Chloe Vevrier. This DVD is one of the best-sellers at to today.
Hannah appeared in the English tabloids some years ago for cursing during an argument on the Thursday Night Live TV flaunt. “My parents did not speak to me for 2 days,” that babe later told a reporter. “I do not normally swear.”

Chaz left bare modeling after Key Largo. All told, her career was also short considering all the opportunities she would have had as a naturally Big-Boob goddess. No one’s heard from Chaz in years, sorry to say.

Hannah is still shagging away in England and that’s unbelievable after 16 years.

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