Cheryl Blossom’s Bounce Room

Cheryl Blossom's Bounce Room

The enchanting and professional Cheryl Blossom conducts a symphony of funbags, her harmonious boobies making that unmistakable, pleasant, fascinating sound of 2 big, enormous milk sacks clashing like cymbals.

In normal or slow motion, Cheryl claps on and claps off in tune with the sound of the bed frame knocking on every gravity-defying bounce. Her twins swing adore a pendulum, they bounce love this babe is on a trampoline. A dousing of greasy oil creates the slippery teat effect.

“Earlier, I tried to hide the size of my chest to feel more comfortable. Now I like to wear things with a neckline. I do not think that in command to draw attention to my mellons, I have to wear something special.”

Cheryl assigned ratings to her body in a previous scene. “Number four is for my abdomen. Number 3 is for my wazoo. I don’t think I’ve a much loved boob, but since I need to give a decision, number two is my left boob and number one is my right boob. So my bigger in size than average mellons are numbers one and 2.”

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