Double Play

Double Play

“Two weenies for Claudia,” says breasty and exotic brunette Claudia KeAloha, tingling with passion over what her immediate future will be all about. That babe eyes her 2 one-day stands with the intensive hunger of a woman wolf in heat. “It’s my astronomical dream!”

Claudia did a threesome with Summer Sinn and Jean Valjean in the SCORE movie Preeminent Summer Sinn but now that babe receives 2 knobs all to herself at one time and doesn’t have to share. So Claudia’s fantasy is now reality.

Claudia always has priceless, ribald things to say about the lads whose skin-flutes she’s about to play. That babe has a very sexual, carnal imagination and the words always let without her mouth easily. Now with two dudes to engulf and ride, Claudia’s not gonna be talented to say much one time they get started ‘cuz her lips and tongue will be busy giving a kiss and tongueing their pipes.

Johnny and Rocky spread Claudia out on the bed and pull down her top. This babe tells them that her boobies are greater than run of the mill sufficient for both of ’em and that’s certainly true. They take turns mouthing her hard, pointy teats and fingering her pink aperture, making it wetter by the second. They note how taut her slit is and how it squeezes their fingers. This babe craves to suck on their fingers and lick her juices off ’em after they’ve been poking her tight pussy. Claudia has wonderful smack.

The 1st thing she says when Johnny has her take his schlong out of his trousers is “Oh, shit!” The second thing is no thing one time it fills her face hole. Claudia knew this would be a sausage fest but she may not have realized how much that babe was plan to receive. It’s gonna be an epic tit-tag event as Claudia gets the high, unbending one from the one and the other directions and all the hot-sauce this babe could ever want.

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