“I’m Incredibly Orgasmic!”

That’s Claudia Marie speaking in advance of this scene. She’s a sex star whose reputation precedes her as a self-described “Fake Tit Slut.”

Fortunately for Claudia, the lady-killer she’s screwing in her first XXX scene at SCORELAND is not 500 pounds with a five-inch cock. For Claudia, no one but BMOC (Bigger than run of the mill Stud On Breast valley) JMac was right for her 1st time here.

Claudia was 33 years mature when she discharged her 1st porn movie. She’s Fourty one now, a Mother, a wife, a SEXY HOUSEWIFE and a super-busty adult star. And she says this babe still gets nervous previous to a sex scene.

“I did not begin until I was 33. I went to one of the industry flaunts in Vegas with my partner, and one of the companies saw me and told to Robbie, my spouse, ‘Is that your girlfriend? Would she like to discharge for us?’ I was adore, ‘I cant do that. I am a southern gal. I can not do anything adore that,’ but I did and the response was so overwhelming that I figured, ‘Why not?'”

That’s true. Why not?

Even with all of her experiences since then, Claudia was very nervous in the dressing room and said the editors that. But once the cameras rolled, Claudia turned into the wild female she’s noted for being. This isn’t an normal copulate scene. This is the erotic equivalent of a expert wrestling match!

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