Bathing costume Stretcher

Swimsuit Stretcher

Claudia Marie came from a tiny town in South Carolina. Now she’s busting bras and bikinis and snapping straps for the joy of big-jug seekers around the globe. We asked our photographer to take Claudia out and have her try on swimsuits. After all, this is South Florida. People shop at drug stores in swimsuits. We just not at all saw anyone athletic love Claudia doing that.

The path to big-tit land began when Claudia was working in a strip club.

“I was indeed bartending at a lap dancing club, which is how I met my boyfriend,” Claudia told. “He was there as a lap dancer. I was managing the club, and it was a female-dominant lap dancing club, but we decided to have a ladies night. I hired a male disrobe group, and this chab came in. I was still married to my previous husband of 12 years, who had taken my virginity and was the only buck I’d ever been with.

“I was 26. I would met my first partner in high school. I met Mr. Marie that night. I banged him in my office of the lap dancing club that night, and I left my partner two weeks later and moved in with Robbie. My 1st marriage was on the rocks in any case, and if u make no doubt of in adore at first sight, it was love that with Mr. Marie. He had a actually bigger in size than typical rod, and I was drunk sufficient to fuck him. This petticoat chaser called me the next day, and after that, we were inseparable.”

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