The Gunns’ Double Feature

The Gunns' Double Feature

In part one of “The Gunns’ Double Feature,” Crystal Gunns tries out one of the avid bonk machines created by KensTwistedMind. In part 2, Crystal disrobes and lap dances in a scene filmed in P.O.V.

Crystal’s fans are still as ardent as ever despite the fact that she’s no longer dancing and glamour modeling. One fan from Canada even has a tattoo of Crystal (that dude sent a picture of it) and tries to collect every clip and photo this babe ever shot.

“One Lothario wrote an essay about me for a college class,” told Crystal. “He’s from Florida. That fellow got an A on it. I really have a copy of it somewhere. It was supposed to be a paper about memorable people or different people, and he decided to write about me. I’ll by no means forget it. This lady-killer came to the undress club, and this chab was there every night. That charmer just sitting there and just observed and wrote and wrote and wrote.”

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