Threeway Sexecutive Encounter

Threeway Sexecutive Meeting

Dani Moore, a recent arrival at XL Girls, has a sensational body, big bosoms (38DDDs) and a very hyper-charged sex drive. That babe was a clip virgin in advance of this babe checked out The SCORE Group after a male ally encouraged her to expose her goodies on-camera.

“Actually, a friend of mine from Florida said to me, ‘Hey, you should be a glamour model. Check these boys out.’ That guy sent me a link to the models’ website (, so I looked at it. Then I looked at everything else you all do, and I decided to send in my images. Then I got a call back from you, so I thought, ‘Why not give it a discharged?’ I not ever thought I would be selected with out who knows how many people who crave to be a glamour model. My ally wasn’t surprised at all although this chab only saw my bra buddies just in fotos, so that guy had an idea of how big I was.”

In Dani’s first shag with the dynamic duo, that babe and Juan wish to get a loan from Tony. That gent cant do it until Dani whispers in his ear that she’ll fuck him. The rules of business change instantly after that concession. Dani brings out the enormous artillery–her 47-inches of large boobs–and the game is on after she fires the 1st round of blouse-missiles in Tony’s face. Juan is behind Dani, Tony is in front as Dani quicky strips off naked to seal the deal and shows ’em how this babe excels at deep, obscene blow jobs.

“Sometimes when I give blow jobs, a lot of guys will be blown away,” Dani explained. “From what fellows have told me, I try not to be a head-sucker because there’s more than just the head. There’s the rest of it. You’ve got to get it all. The shaft, the balls, you know. I try to get the complete thing in my throat. I have even gotten a not many marriage proposals coz of my blow jobs.” Dani said this with pride.

Screwing at one side, sucking at the other, Dani sexes the 2 fellows with the cameras rolling adore that babe is an competent XL Goddess. And she’s now after this. It cums naturally to her. The act is non-stop until her 2 fellows can not hold it back anymore and pop their enormous nuts in Dani’s waiting mouth and tongue, feeding her lots of guy-goo. Dani savors it, the mix of skeet and spit trickling out of her mouth and down her chin and neck as the digital camera moves in to fill the screen. Dani will inspire you to pop also.

As a side note, they did receive the loan.

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