Danica Danali: Greasy oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Sex-aids

Danica Danali: Oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators

We remember when Danica Danali started at XL Girls. The 1st time was solely solos. The second time, five months later, Danica did a tug job and tit-fuck. The third time, over a year later, Danica did full-sex scenes minus 10-Pounder engulfing. The 4th time, 2 years later, Danica visited for a new series. No blow jobs that time either when she rogered. But on this visit, Danica went full oral-job, blowing and banging JMac and Jonni Mamba. Like we always say, you have gotta have patience in this instant satisfaction world.

On this sexy, sunny day in Florida, Danica dons her swim costume for a swimming pool side oiling, drenching her thickness until she glows. Some anal put in fun and sex toy action and Danica is pleasured…for the moment.

She is masturbated out side before. “I’ve done it out side in the backyard a few times. I like the idea of possibly getting caught but still knowing I’m all alone. I have toys I love to use. An eight-inch pink dildo and a silver bullet vibrator.”

For a BIGGER IN SIZE THAN STANDARD VOLUPTUOUS WOMAN porn star, Danica didn’t have the spectacular cherry-popping that leads to a gal becoming hawt and barmy for carnal experiences and multiformity. “I pretty much just lay there and stared at the ceiling. I don’t remember much about it except wanting it to be over.”

Danica has a fetish, if it could be called a fetish. “I like when my man wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I like the way it feels. A tank top is topmost but any shirt works.”

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