Danica Danali: Thick Sweetheart With A Fun Stick

Danica Danali: Thick Beauty With A Fun Stick

“I would not be where I’m today with out amazing production studios adore The SCORE Group choosing me to adult model with ’em,” told Danica. “I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities I have had with, and cuz of, XL Beauties.”

So does Danica observe the vids that babe is made?

“Well, we are our own worst critics. I do think I look gracious and strong. My husband has always loved all of my scenes. He really enjoys watching my movie scenes. Sometimes we do not make it through a whole scene. Sex pops up.”

Danica told she now wears a 40L-cup undergarment.

“Physically, it is a toss-up between my melons and my eyes about what part of my body I adore most breathtaking. Mentally I feel I am a positive person. I am so grateful for what I have and what I’ve skillful. I merely focus on things I can control and I refuse to live a toxic life of regret.”

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