Danielle Derek: Hot Stack

Danielle Derek: Hot Stack

“Maybe I would go to the beach with bottom cleavage if what I was wearing had nice coverage,” told Danielle Derek, a longtime SCORE dream angel with a swimsuit bod.

“I would not courting smth that unveils two-thirds of the bottom of my fun bags. I don’t crave to acquire arrested! But a tube top or a bikini to the beach would be ok. I’d be all overspread. I just have king-size juggs! And I’ll always show a little bit of deep cleavage. Every lady has to flaunt deep cleavage!

“I’m a strong-ass bitch,” Danielle said us in 2016. “I do it all alone, holding 30 pounds of luggage and a puppy and taking selfies. My bumpers are my finest assets. I have been blessed. I love high heels, full porn hair and lashes. I like the complete plastic slut look. I adore it for this type of thing. I love showing off my body on-camera. I love having a look that people urge…that plastic, monster boobed bitch look.”

In SCORE mag Vol. 28 No. 4, B.G. wrote to the SCOREcard letters section: “Miss Derek is simply
stylish, the flawless tits-on-a-stick slut. U can tell that no thing makes Danielle happier than shaking her humongous, fake tits”

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