Danniella Levy brings cheer. She’s more than welcome to wave her large pom-poms around and cheer on team SCORE. What a bawdy face hole! Almost all cheerleaders do not talk adore Danniella does. “Gimme an F! Gimme a YOU! Gimme a C! Gimme a K!” What does that spell?

Danniella is a mover and a shaker. “I can shake my pom-poms with the superlatively good of them. My tush? I shake it a lot. I do a hundred squats in the morning. They’re a fine way to break in recent shoes. I have a valuable, beefy couple of haunches to ride a lady-killer.”

Danniella’s keeping her slit beneath wraps for now. “She’s a marvelous little flower, I can guarantee, so use your imagination. She’s just charming. U must use your imagination. She’s pink, she’s beautiful, that babe is tight, and I like it. She’s shaved as well. We do vajazzling in Essex. Vajazzling is a marvelous, diminutive little piece of jewelry beauties put on the top of their noonie.”

Each football team could use a cheerleader adore Daniella to spur them on even if the TV stations wound up bleeping the audio.

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