Hot Jack Talk

Hot Jack Talk

“I’ve got a wonderful, pleasing side to me and I have also got my sexually excited side that I let people see,” Danniella Levy said. “I used to be a stewardess. I was a lap dancer as well. I did the entire grind. I’d grind my hips. I loved it. I can still bust a move.”

Danniella is a popular face (and body and bazookas) on British television station Babestation and we can watch why. And Danniella ranks at the top when it comes to verbally making a lad pop. There’s no thing love it on Yank TV, no pun intended.

“Babestation is an adult TV display,” Danniella explained. “I do the day reveal and the night show. It’s an implied-nude brandish. It’s a talk display, so people call in for telephone sex. We have plenty of fans, and we do the Babestation livecam unveil as well. There’re lots of hotty’s.”

Let Danniella demonstrate, with and with out her hawt clothing.

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