Miss Rio Got Back

Miss Rio Got Back

Daylene Rio’s got it coming and she’s got it going. She’s got front and she’s got back. That ain’t junk in Daylene’s trunk, that’s primo. Part of this Bonus photo shoot devotes itself to spectacular views of Daylene’s super-moon in, and happily out, of her tight trousers.

Final year editor Dave wrote on the SCORELAND Blog, “The 1st time I strolled into the SCORE Studio this morning, Daylene Rio was sitting in the styling chair.

‘Hi, Dave,’ this babe said in her sexy voice. ‘I gained seven pounds, and I guess it all went to my breasts and my booty.’

The second time I strolled into the studio, Daylene was bouncing up and down on a shlong. That’s when I saw how much greater and rounder her arse is. Her twat was full of pecker, but all I could concentrate on were these large, round, bouncing milk shakes of booty flesh.”

So say we all.

Daylene Rio, back that wazoo up.

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