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Boob hounds, say hello to Ellie Roe. This babe is Twenty six years aged and our latest British import. Ellie was referred to us by Charley Green, a former SCORE Cutie. We owe Charley big-time for this one. Ellie is drop-your-load drop-dead-gorgeous. She’s smart, confident and kind of a firecracker, too. “I love singing and learning new languages,” Ellie said. “I like reading, likewise. I am really into erotic novels. I love getting wrapped up in the dream of it all.” Right now, our hands are wrapped around our ramrods and we’re wrapped up in a dream about Ellie.

Ellie says that babe was always the bustiest cutie in school. Ellie is a 36F-cupper now and says that babe was already a D-cup by the time that babe was 13. She is able to getting loads of attention ‘coz of her love bubbles and expects it at this point. “There’s nothing I can truly do to cover them,” Ellie says. “Even when I wear t-shirts, you can tell I have bigger than typical love muffins. I receive looks from both studs and honey bunnys. It’s really more odd if people do not observe my love muffins. It feels love smth is off if you don’t look.” Ellie will not have any reason to feel odd with us. There is no way we’re looking at everything but her meatballs.

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