Pursue Erin’s Bouncing Scones

Follow Erin's Bouncing Boobs

“I wasn’t the bustiest cutie in school,” Erin Star said us. “My sister Helen was! We always got tons of attention and we liked it. I became the bustiest goddess in school after that babe graduated!” Erin’s mounds have gotten greater and heavier since she initially debuted.

They do not live together but Erin and her big sister Helen are close to inseparable. Love many sisters, they share clothing.

“We wear just about the same size and our zeppelins are nearly the same size, so we can wear the same sexy clothing,” Erin said. “We like to go attractive garments shopping together.

“Women and guys admire us. We can’t go anywhere out of getting attention, even when we wear loose beautiful garments. Hotties are jealous. You can tell by the looks on their faces. That is not our fault. You know how people can be.”

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