From Army Veteran To Adult model

From Army Veteran To Model

“Before I met my hubby, I went out with a lot of lads who just didn’t respect me enough to check out my face,” said Elaina Gregory. “And I’m all about respect. I served in the military and that is a greater than average thing for me. I served in the army and I was stationed in Texas. I met my spouse when I was in boot camp, really.

“We dated for about 2 years on and off. But in advance of that, all the studs were adore, ‘Look at that girl!’ and ‘Did you see that angel?’ pointing at me. I mean, even though I was in uniform and it was a baggy shirt, u can not hide bumpers adore mine. And we would run, adore, daily, or every other day. So, I had to secure my funbags with a support below garment and like 3 sports bras, just so I could run. I’d go to the store on the base and buy, love, 3 or four sports bras and they would ask, ‘Do u indeed need all of those bras?’ And I told, ‘Yes!’ And I mean, back then I was solely an F-cup.”

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