Fuck-fit Training

Fuck-fit Training

Tigerr Benson has every right to strut her ram cuz, as her name proves her game, she is a sexual tigress, not a pussycat. When fitness coach Dellon takes on Tigerr Benson as his client, he finds out what stamina and endurance indeed mean as well as the real meaning of the terms clean & jerk and clean & seize. Tigerr’s bigger-than-big marangos, her skillful throat and her tight love tunnel and asshole are tempting. That ladies man is the one who receives the real workout.

We caught up with Tigerr, a gal who’s always on the go-go-go.

SCORELAND: Hiya, Tigerr, your scene with Dellon is another roof-raiser, as always. What is smth you’ve attempted but won’t ever do anew?

Tigerr: I always have a policy about trying things once but I think sex in a sauna is a bad idea. I nearly dehydrated myself by the time it finished.

SCORELAND: U check out your clips. Do u too love looking into a mirror during sex?

Tigerr: I love looking in the mirror during the time that having sex, especially if I need to watch it going into my cookie then my ass and back one more time. It is so hawt and obscene. Plus it makes it extra joy when I must lick the cum off the mirror afterward.

SCORELAND: What superpower would you like to have for one day?

Tigerr: I’d adore to have super-endurance so I can have endless orgasms. But almost all mind boggling of all, I’d desire to be a “Super Stupendous Woman” so I can acquire diminutive studs to climb up my slit and identify my G-spot once and for all. [Laughs]

SCORELAND: You already have super-endurance!

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