Getting Freaky With Kiki

Getting Freaky With Kiki

Kiki Rainbow is gagging for a shagging. But there’s a wrench in the gears.

Her hubby, Tom, would rather polish his motorcycle than ride Kiki. Since this chab keeps his bike in the living room, maybe he’d rather sleep with the bike than with Kiki. This situation needs to be remedied fast.

Kiki talks to Tom as that babe combs her flowing golden-haired hair and watches him muscled his bike. If this ladies man doesn’t start buffing Kiki, she’ll discover a smooth operator who will. Kiki realizes that action speaks louder than words. She shoves her giant jugs in his face and that jolts him back to his senses, adore tits-and-ass shock treatment. This is Kiki’s last attempt at getting shlong from this too-easy rider. That babe pulls out her bigger in size than run of the mill pillows and points ’em in Tom’s face.

“I adore a stiff Lothario who will spank me, pull my hair, chastise me for being a bad beauty and bonk me roughly,” said Kiki, a Brit bra-buster from Cleveland. I like role playing. I suppose about things love being a nasty schoolgirl who is punished for bad behavior by the headmaster putting me over his knee and thrashing me.”

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