Beach Sweetheart

Beach Babe

Wearing a diaphanous white gown that becomes transparent when juicy, Gianna Rossi explores her sensuality and her eroticism in the surf and the sea, fingering herself in the rolling tide. This clip comes close to looking love a European art film. Definitely a change of pace for Gianna. In this movie scene, it’s just Gianna and the sea.

“The water was like a hot bath,” Gianna said. “I love spending as much time as I can in the ocean. I adore places love this.” That babe makes no doubt of that people should do their own thing and not be influenced by others. Gianna’s philosophy is “Live, adore, chortle.”

“I’m tons of things. I am tons of things from my past, I am tons of things from my present. My present is what it’s, so accept it and deal with it and make life the almost all breathtaking you can.”

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