Acquires Her Kicks

Gets Her Kicks

Solely 22-years-old, big-boobed Harlow Nyx has watched more act than a maid at a cathouse. And that babe has an nearly photographic memory for detail when talking about her prefered experiences. Harlow spoken about an orgy that babe went to. Now this babe talks about a one-on-one that babe considers the almost all excellent.

“I met him at a party. I was just adore, ‘You look good. I am plan to sit by u.’ It was some insane, rough, kinky sex, and it was extraordinary. I had by no means cum love that in advance of. This ladies man had a larger than run of the mill shlong. Actually thick. A solid seven or eight inches, but, damn, it was thick. And that woman chaser had mucho stamina. We went for five, six hours previous to this fellow came. I was loving it.

“I came so much! I’m plan to have to say five, six, seven times. This chab should’ve been a porn gent. He brought a bag with him. With out this bag that smooth operator pulls thongs, scarves, ties, candles. Just a bunch of stuff. He fastened me up. Whipped me with the thongs. Dripped candle wax on my titties. Put a gag in my mouth. Put my knickers in my mouth and tied ’em up real constricted with a strap. That was worthwhile.

“He went rigid on my booty. This chap banged my knockers. This buck pushed ’em together and fucked them. I got coarse likewise. I could take his pecker totally down my throat, and whenever I started to gag, he’d wrap his hand in my hair and push my head down, and I could feel that thing going down my throat, and I’d kick off to gag on that. Major saliva strings. It was oozing everywhere, down to his balls and anything. What a night that was.”

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