Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

Hooter Hospital: Affordable Care

When nurses bust their uniforms like Cameron Skye does, there is no shortage of patients chaseing medical care. The sexy, sporty golden-haired enjoys fucking and made sex on-camera a large part of her life. In advance of the action begins, one of TSG’s editors talks to Cameron, already decked out as a nurse. That guy was prepared to call-in sick the day after.

This patient is checking out after a week of tender-loving care by Cameron. This fellow was never sick. That fellow just needed a hawt golden-haired to take care of him every day. Cameron comes by during her rounds for her last visit. She decides to take his pulse in a different way by exciting his penis and stroking it.

Just then, the doctor arrives to check up on the stud. This guy approves of Nurse Cameron’s treatment and comes to a conclusion he craves a piece of her act also. These big pointer sisters and that wazoo that demands slapping acquire him hard. It is a documented fact that more doctors and nurses copulate their brains out than in many other professions.

Cameron’s throat acquires to work on one strapon during the time that the other pecker slides into her increasingly moist cookie. They’ll take turns pleasant the hot nurse. That is typical life at Hooter Hospital. The cure for the U.S.’s health care crisis is called Nurse Cameron Skye.

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