Hooter Hospital

Hooter Hospital

Alix Lakehurst looks sexy in that tight nurse outfit. She actually fills it out. Almost explosively so. A real, authentic nurse outfit would just not do the trick. It has to be a sexy, dream nurse suit.

As Alix has said, “I don’t costume like a doxy, but with my body, it is unbending to not look hot.” Everything Alix wears looks hawt on her. This babe is got the voluptuous curves and rounded whoppers.

When these sick dudes see Alix strut into ward 34DDD, they become miraculously cured.

It fulfilled one of Alix’s many dreams as well. “I have the archetypal dream of having more than one man at one time,” she once said. “I adore the idea of having many arms around me touching and feeling me. I urge a lot of penises to suck on and shag me.”

When JMac sees Nurse Alix strut into his room, this fellow wants to play doctor right away. Alix checks his shlong and approves. This gent screws her brains out on his hospital couch and was expert to be discharged, cured by her healing love bubbles, pussy and tongue.

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