Hawt Delivery

Hot Delivery

A effortless phone call and a fresh, hot pie is ready. Not for her, for the delivery boy from Pizza Copulate. What is it about these pizza dudes that makes hawt chicks tear off their bras and straps and drop to their knees to taste the pepperoni as soon as they ring their doorbells? These studs receive more vagina than the back alley of a restaurant. Is it their delivery?

Yeah, it is that old cheesy pizza delivery routine yet afresh and this time the favourable recipient of all this dough is the ever-popular Rachel Like. How many pizza delivery boyz fantasy and fantasize about a customer as stacked as she’s? The number just in North America alone must be in the tens of thousands. Unfortunately, there is merely one Rachel. So for u, pizza delivery Lothario, this pie’s especially for you. This babe is a great tipper too but you have probably noticed that.

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