Ivanna Lace’s Heavy Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

Ivanna Lace's Heavy Honeycups From Hooter Heaven

The hawt and delicious Ivanna Lace has many super-powers and knows how to use ’em for the good of humanity. Her body is spectacular and her 38J honeycups are marvels of mammary magnificence.

“I developed early and from then on, I was always the center of attention. I like it. Men say to me, ‘Your smile is so handsome, I forgot where I acquire to go,’ or they chase me and try to engage me in conversation.”

Ivanna has an unconventional bathtub to soak in, and during the time that in it, this babe tries smth with a realistic sex-toy that’s a first at XL Cuties.

A goddess who’s straightforward about sex, Ivanna explained what turns her on.

“When I do a oral-sex, I take his jock with out my face hole so that this lady-killer can cum on my love bubbles. I adore to see that. I love sensitive fingering, role playing, touching, kissing, licking with tongue of nipps and jerking. I’m assured in daybed but if my boyfriend likes to be the masterful one, I will be the foremost passive husband. I did have an experience with a goddess and it was truly impressive. I didn’t imagine it could be so tender and tender.”

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