Swim suit Busting

Bikini Busting

In the XL episode Greater than run of the mill Beauty Sex School, the four students, Peaches LaRue, Ravishing Libra, Madi Jane and Ivy Dreams assemble on the wooden bridge over the swimming pool at Miss Shugar’s estate. For the entire week, they shall be clothed in swimsuits as they have been instructed to by their teacher, Miss Shugar, a Texas-born female of plumper sex.

The first thing that Miss Shugar urges her class to do is rub oil on every other in an erotic and sensuous way. This is to teach every gal in raunchy rubdown techniques. Ivy and Madi pair off and Libra and Peaches pair off. This becomes a five female breast oiling session which must be watched to be believed, especially the five gal big-ass oiling!

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