Bra Magic

Brassiere Magic

Janessa Loren is in the models’ dressing room when 40 something model Brynn Hunter comes in to receive a bottle of lotion. The difference in height and body shape is quite a contrast. Brynn literally towers over Janessa.

Janessa is 5’3″ in her undressed feet. Brynn is 5’10” and she’s got heels on.

Janessa mentions that this babe urges to be a D-cup, a comment that sends the cold chill of fear up the breast-man’s spinal cord. Let us not ever think of this one time more.

Janessa makes the terror go away by trying on a selection of brassieres from the wardrobe closet and stuffing her 32H miracles into these cup-holders in this episode from the candid deep cleavage camera.

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