Premiere Pumping

Premiere Pumping

Janessa Loren didn’t wanna await very long previous to her first hardcore scene. A secretary at a spa in the “real” world, the brunette New Yorker was mad and ready for fantasy action. In the clip of her initial appearance sex session, Janessa discussed sexy bare modeling and erotica and how this babe sees herself treating someone and being treated in raunchy situations.

Sweethearts with whoppers as bigger in size than typical and as breathtaking as hers tend to be very boob-oriented. Janessa is no exception. She attracts boob chaps like flowers attract bees. She knows exactly how that babe loves her love muffins to be licked, kissed and sucked and that babe guides her date Rocky in their proper care and handling (always gentle). Her teats are ultra-sensitive from her reactions to his touch and kisses.

Once Janessa’s body is tingling and flush, she is willing for Rocky’s hard cock and reaches for it, filling her mouth and sucking it deeply. And one time his schlong thrusts into Janessa’s lady-box, her passion explodes and she wishes it deeper, harder and faster, letting him know exactly what that babe wishes.

Janessa is a female-dominant who knows exactly what this babe wants and she’ll let her partners know with increasingly louder fuck-sounds and an orgasm-face.

Janessa Loren: a Fresh York City big-titty lady.

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