A-hole Shaken Not Stirred

Butt Shaken Not Stirred

Why do SCORELAND adult models put on sexy garments, walk onto the set, shake their bigger in size than average mellons and buxom asses, and ask with a smile, “Do you love that?”

Can’t they see the tent pole going up? Why do beauties torture guys so? ‘cuz they can? Certainly we adore it. We adore it.

Janet Jade does the same thing here, loudly smacking her marvelous butt also. “Ouch!” says Janet, smacking her bubble arse unyielding. She is wearing a skimpy Asian-looking two-piece that this babe does justice to.

Janet knows what fascinating junk that babe packs in her trunk. “I’ve been in BootyLicious mag. Tons of boys adore my butt, but almost any men mostly pay attention to my milk shakes.” Maybe so, but there is substantiation to suggest the existence of a secret cult of Janet Jade gazoo freaks.

See as Janet works that priceless tail in this change of pace ass party. This 21st century fox was twerking before Main Street The United States of America ever latched onto the word.

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