Saucy Beauty

Saucy Girl

You have at no time viewed a pizza delivery like this one at XLGirls. Fact: there are no pizza delivery gals dressed in skin-tight jeans, a skin-tight top, high heels and a ball cap and who look exactly adore Jennica Lynn.
So let Jennica into your place! The Swedish bombshell’s got some deliverin’ to do!
Jennica is no usual sauce, dough and cheese courier. She’s got some mighty special toppings that no one else has. Sit back and have enjoyment the delivery.
How did Jennica receive this great job? Did she apply to the pizza messenger institute? It was easier than that. The SCORE studio ( was looking for qualified pizza deliverers, no experience required.
In fact, Jennica worked at several jobs previous to she tried the one thing that made everyone’s fantasy come true.
“I moved around to different types of jobs when I came to England. I worked as a shop assistant for a while. I worked in hotels for quite a whilst, and then I ended up as a web cam model. The gals on the web cams just always looked so gorgeous on there! The other thing was that I just have the love melons for it. I guess they work indeed well for me. You’ve to use your assets!”
Now that babe acquires to journey the world.

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