Redhead With A Rack

Redhead With A Rack

Jolie Rain is the freaky-deaky big-boobed girl-next-door. Treat her right and she’ll screw ya all night. Miss Rain is looking for some hard-man lovin’ ‘cuz sport-sex makes her feel on top of the world. He’s up for the hot ginger and his tool is plan to make her shriek and bring the roof down.

Jolie is an army vet who served in Iraq. “I strolled into a recruiter’s office and joined the army,” Jolie said. She earned top grades in marksmanship and made many friends.

Jolie was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up outside Fresh Orleans, then moved to Texas where a SCORE fan identified her. “I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and a musician saw me in a tank top and said, ‘Wow, u have gracious mellons.’ He said, ‘I love this mag, I’m the king-size fan and you should totally try out.’ So I went online to SCORELAND, and I loved the web site. I was turned on the minute I saw it. I’m kind of an unconventional pervert where I’ll jump from web site to web site to web site. I came across it and was so ‘Ohh!’ by the bazookas.”

“I’m a pervert in a female’s body. I like to have enjoyment. I like to play with myself. I adore to unveil my bazookas ‘coz I can receive a reaction from the one and the other gals and boys. I like going up to cuties and going, ‘Wow, you’ve great mellons. Do u wanna see mine?’ And their boyfriends are like, ‘Oh, my god, she actually said that.’ By the end of the night, we’ll be playing with each other’s mambos in the bar.”

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