Rub Rub Rub

Rub Rub Rub

Voluptuous and lovely Juliana Simms picks a rubdown table to play on, squirting her statuesque body with white sex cream and giving herself a rub-down. This babe sways and jiggles her naturals when that babe is on the table. A half-hour of just that act would not be enough. It’s at no time sufficient with anybody like Juliana Simms.

SCORELAND: Juliana, do u adore to dance? We think you do.

Juliana: Yep, very much. I like to dating my girlfriends to our favorite disrobe clubs and dance. I like R&B music.

SCORELAND: Do you dance when u are playing music at home?

Juliana: Yep. I always dance when playing music.

SCORELAND: Are you called by any nick-names by friends?

Juliana: They call me “Juliana Mounds.”

SCORELAND: Do you go to in nature’s garb beaches or adult resorts?

Juliana: In Spain solely.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do u wear?

Juliana: I love most of all bikinis.

SCORELAND: Your rub-down table video rubs a ladies man the right way.

Juliana: My enjoyment.

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