Girl Of Your Dreams

Girl Of Your Dreams

Writes Jack from Chicago, “Kate Marie is a captivating and desirable female, and I hope The SCORE Group can convince this charming playgirl to make many return trips to the SCORE studios.”

That’s a fact, Jack.

“My boobs are a 36H,” Kate says. “They’re been this size for about 3 years. And some people think 36 is so bigger in size than run of the mill, but it is not. It just means u have broader shoulders to compensate for carrying around something that is so big.”

Kate painted a vivid description of how her peachy pair should be treated.

“Whenever you fondle a lady, u don’t fondle her from the top. That is not comfortable. You do not grab ’em from the front and squeeze ’em. U should come from the side and cosset there and knead ’em love dough. From the side and under and push them together and kneading, but not like stress-balling. It’s not a stress ball! Don’t do it.”

Words for breast-men to live by.

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