Katy Ann Rocks The Boat In A Stripped Year Party

Katy Ann Rocks The Boat In A Undressed Year Party

Katy Ann is popping her cork and so will u on this boat travel with the Miami skyline behind her.

Statuesque Katy Ann has a Nude Year declaration: “These are adult-size hooters. Weapons of mass destruction. They’re so large! World domination. I am coming for u!

“They’re velvety and squishy. They feel a bit firm. Those are not hard at all. They have movement. They just feel pillow-soft. They feel great, love a wonderful, firm pillow.”

Was anyone watching the Texas bombshell with a high-powered telescope to see what went on as our boat went past all of the office buildings and condos? Everything is possible in the Magic Town and Katy Ann is one of the visitors who makes it magic.

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