Chocolate Bon Bons

Chocolate Bon Bons

An administrative supervisor, originally from Brooklyn, Fresh York, Keama Kim doesn’t date. “I’ve not ever been on one,” she told. Instead, Keama goes for bonk dates. No fuss, no drama. She loves to be touched and can’t live with out “touchy, feely” lads.

Keama receives more than touched in this scene.

“A admirable stiff rogering satisfies me utmost,” she said. That is what she got, no strings attached. A man once told to Keama, “You have the Hummer of all mammaries.” That babe liked that.

“I always like for the buck to make the 1st move. I have done anything u can think of in sex, but I am passive. So the gent should take charge of me and play with my meatballs for a lengthy time, engulf ’em, copulate them.”

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