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Kris Kelly read the site and looked at the 38DDD-cups this babe stuffs into her bras in the morning. And now this babe is here to make magic.

Kris works for a company that sells corsets, toys and other adult merchandise. So that interest in sexy goodies was already part of her day-to-day. So what brands of bras does Kris buy? “B. Tempt’d by Japanese manufacturer Wacoal and Jezabel. I normally buy them off the rack,” says Kris who also can’t live without shoe shopping. Hot shoes, of course. “I usually do not wear a brassiere if I wish a more hot look.”

Kris reads, cooks and loves to trip. She watches Red Sox baseball, Ravens football and Washington Capitals hockey. “I want to go camping one of those days. I mean camping in a cabin.” Almost certainly that Kris will have no shortage of avid chaps who desire to pitch a tent with her in or out of the cabin.

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