The Hair Salon Lovely heart

The Hair Salon Hottie

Back at SCORE, cuz of several requests since her initial appearance last year, Krystal Swift is the chick hairdresser in the kind of salon we desire existed in real life. So we had to create it.

We’ve all left our heads in the hands of sexy and beautiful haircutters at once or one more. And we’ve all fantasized about screwing one or more of them. Krystal’s customer receives to leave his shlong in her hands. And in her face hole, slit and betwixt her indeed big billibongs. The doxies on the TV Jerseylicious will at not time be so accommodating.

Fortunately for tit-men and for SCORE, Krystal hadn’t disappeared from the glamour modeling scene, either to run off to acquire married or to settle down in some mundane job. This babe was still willing, eager and ready to peel off her briefs for the SCORE camera and that babe is still looking adore eye-candy.

“You have good milk shakes,” says a grinning Dennis as that ladies man receives a scalp rub-down by Krystal, his face a not many millimeters away from her spectacular breast valley. “Oh, maybe u crave to see them?” asks Krystal. These Czech hairstylists! Why aren’t Americans as helpful and as eager-to-please?

Krystal happily pulls out her twin torpedoes and Dennis just now begins mouthing and motor-boating ’em. His hair treatment is forgotten. Krystal joins in herself to smack her ripe scoops. She’s a favourable angel. She’s got ’em to suck on every single day.

Krystal makes no doubt of in particular treatment so she and Dennis swap positions. He stands and that babe sits in the salon chair. That babe takes his fucking ramrod that that babe is made as inflexible as a railroad spike and sticks it between her magnificent whoppers.

Dennis screws Krystal’s bigger than run of the mill pointer sisters with passion and this babe lowers her head to suck him inflexible with equal gusto. As soon as Dennis permeates Krystal’s pink clam, the ramming starts. Dennis pounds Krystal like a jackhammer. Her screams fill the salon. It bears a resemblance to a man-juice rinse will be part of the treatment. Except it will be Krystal who’ll be the one getting the sex cream rinse, not her customer.

One more slam-bam jerk-inspiring screw scene from the alluring and curvy Krystal Swift! A role-model for all hair salon hotties around the world.

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