Receive Fit With Leanne

Get Fit With Leanne

Leanne Crow likes to keep fit and maintain that gorgeously big breasted body. Our digital camera was there as Leanne used the fitness equipment to have a fine, vigorous work-out. Feast your eyes on these bouncing bra buddies straining to free themselves from her sports brassiere.

Leanne uses the treadmill, the elliptical and then does some hand weight exercises. This babe examines herself in the mirror after her work-out. Time for a refreshing shower and cool-down. The water leaks down Leanne’s immense naturals and stacked body. Those hand-held shower heads are actually great. While Leanne’s soaping and showering, she is still putting on a flaunt. There is no debate that Leanne has one of the most spectacular bodies in the entire history of big-bust bare modeling, and that includes Cro-Magnon Guys drawing girls on their cave walls.

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