Ass Plugged

Butt Plugged

In “Busty Shoplifter Busted,” Lila Ravishing tried to hide some bras in her bag during a visit to a store’s dressing room. The store shlong laid down the law, and Lila right there.

This time, Lila’s hidden smth else. A anal plug concealed in her arse and overspread by her panties. She really is naughty and incorrigible. She needs no assist in removing it.

A toy fan as well as a woman chaser fan, Lila has lots of experience with all kind of lady cum-machines. She was in a relationship with somebody who had a suitcase full of gadgets and novelties.

“I masturbate with a sex tool a not many times a week,” says Lila. “I’m a supple goddess. I adore fetish play and I relish getting spanked, slapped in the face, restrained and rogered butt up, face down. I adore being dominated psychologically and role-playing.”

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