Luscious & Sweet

Wet & Lovely

Watching girls take showers is one of man’s beloved pastimes. But it need to be done properly. We don’t recommend peeping in a girl’s baths window late at night envisaging for her to shower, unless you’ve a reliable bail bondsman.

Lila Lovely is certainly laid back to inviting the XL Beauties photographer into the shower so this lady-killer can record her in all of her running juicy brilliance. He’s talented and will not slip. That would delay the discharge.

We asked Lila if that babe is viewed her previous XL Cuties movie scenes. Most angels do.

“My scenes looked super hot but I don’t care to view from starting to end because I tend to be also critical of myself. I let everybody else tell me how hot my movie scenes acquire ’em!”

“I’ve viewed ’em alone and with a friend. I’ve had sex with my movies playing but I don’t really observe. I enjoy the moment. I get off on my boyfriend being turned on by it!”

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