Enchanting Cakes

Sweet Cakes

It is always a joy to welcome back British cupcake Lily Madison and her alluring body. Soft-spoken, gentle and hawt, Lily is fast becoming a top model and her SCORE and V-mag appearances are always incredibly anticipated. Speaking of cupcakes, Lily is wearing a colorful corset decorated with donuts in this fresh photo widen and clip. Bring on the pleasant cakes!

“She’s love your very own version of Christina Hendricks from the Madmen show. Now there is an idea for cosplay already,” writes J-bo. Interesting idea, J-bo!

It’s unconventional to think that Lily crushes empty soda cans between her bra buddies but she does. How did that little “hobby” kick off?

“I was at a music festival, and a lad was looking at my chest, and that chap had a beer can, and this smooth operator came up to me and said, “Do u think u could crush this betwixt your boobies?” And I said, ‘I’m not sure. I think I’ll try,’ and so I did it, and everybody was cheering. And that’s how it happened. This lady-killer was very drunk. And one time I knew I could do it, I kept doing it.”

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