Underware Party

Lingerie Party

In part one of the XL Beauties clip Montego Honey bunnys, Micky, Gya and Terri have a lingerie party. Whilst dressed in T-shirts and little shorts, the Big-Boob delights try on each other’s girly outfits and brassieres, oohing and aahing over every delicate garment. What kind of brassieres can even hold their enormous hooters? They get to be Swiss engineered to withstand that kind of immense stress.

The angels place all the hawt ware on the sofa, crazy to model for each other and for u. They try on skimpy dresses, provocative underware, hot bras and skimpy swimsuits in an outstanding show of pure pulchritude and good feminine flesh. It’s a jaw-dropping sight to gaze upon those vixens stuffing their gals into tight tops and squeezing into tiny skirts and dresses. We ask you, how much pressure can a man’s Johnson take watching those goddesses? Some beauties are gals. The girls of XL Cuties are super-girls, much more than a handful.

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