They Adore Lucy

They Like Lucy

Polish-born Lucy is the operator of a tanning salon in Germany. The greater than average muscled golden-haired loves reading, swimming and watching soccer. Her beloved sort of males are virile, teetotaling men with greater than average knobs betwixt 20 and Fourty. (Their age not their schlong size.) Her much loved Hollywood smooth operator is, acquire this, Al Bundy (Ed O’Neil from Married With Children), slob husband of Peg (Katy Segal). She doesn’t say why this babe can’t live with out Al Bundy so much but it may must do with Al’s like of larger than run of the mill fun bags. “I am mistresse sufficient for two studs!” says Lucy. We believe it. She’s built like a screwing brick shithouse. Lucy’s everyday day is working, going home and making dinner and reading a book or watching a movie in daybed. On weekends, she calls up a woman chaser and invites him over to copulate. This chap has to be out by Sunday or that babe nicely throws him out.

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